About Bed & Breakfast

American Style Bed & Breakfast is the home owner who usually are the rich modified their old home and open the house for Traveler to stay including breakfast serving. The environment is different from the ordinary hotel. This was referred from Mrs. Pam who takes care of me when i lived in Smugglers Notch Inn in Vermont.

Inn Bed & Breakfast
Mrs. Pam at Smugglers Notch Inn, VT

Here is Thaistyle Bed & Breakfast which is welcome you all by the real owner of Koh Samui houses. Even he has never had the experiences in doing business so much, he is ready to serve you with the Taste of Thailand, especially, Koh Samui. This is also different from ordinary hotel, but he keeps the good service to make your stay comfortably here.

Home Stay might be another choices for travellor who is looking for the local people place. The meaning of home stay in Thailand is that you live in the same house with the owner in the cheap price. Why it is cheap, because our government would like you to know our Thailand cultural by local people lives. Unfortunately, it has not have the home stay in Koh Samui yet.

In my opinion, from my life in the US, people might get cultural shock if they come form very different part of the world. For example, people from US or Japan can drink tab water, anyway people in south east Asia can drink the raining water. So their body need different quality of food and drink. Another example is that the home in the US does not need any fences because of their security, but the Thailand homes have to have strong fences including security system.

However, it is look like some American tourists might not know the word “Home Stay”. This is the example when i asked Mrs. Pam at Smuggler’s notch Inn where is professional in this kind of business.

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