Go Samui super Chill route by Cheaper Flight

This picture is shown the various routes varying from Bus, Boat, Ferry, and Flights departed from Bangkok to Ko Samui.

Go Samui super chill Chill hi speed boat flight fly travel from Bangkok เดินทาง เกาะสมุย เรือเร็วลมพระยา บิน
How to get to Ko Samui, Economic travel for both Money & Time!, click at the picture to zoom-in

Remark: This is presented the One way start fare, and updated on June, 30th 2012. The fare was shown selected from the process of e-ticket booking; however, the overall price may be differred depend on the fare rules & conditions of each websites. The travelling duration is approximated.

Comparison Money & Time

In my opinion, after the comparison of Money from my pocket and my valuable time from various routes to Ko Samui, I have chosen the travel by Nokair and Lompraya, hi-speed boat, which was charged me in the middle range of fare and it wasn’t waste of time because it can be relaxed on boat. Anyway, I planned my trip on September this year and it’s gonna be something to feedback you in my next blogs.
The details from the top to bottom in the above figure shown here:

Direct Flights:
Thai Airways
Bangkok Airways
Boat and Ferry:
Lompraya hi-speed boat with connecting Bus
Buses ( click to read in details ) :
Sombat Tour
VIP 999
Budget Flights:
NokAir with hi-speed boat

To Samui: Chill Chill Travel style

If the planned travel still has plenty of time, I would recommend travellers choose the experience in the style I called “Chill Chill” travel. These can be done either Hi-Speed boat or Ferry which have been seen from the video below.

Feedback from travellers about Direct Flight

Mr. Chris, a British travel writer based in Bangkok, explained in Travelhappy.info about direct flight from Bangkok to Ko Samui :

Thai Airways finally begins flights from Bangkok to Ko Samui, allowing international travellers to book straight through to Samui with a stopover in Bangkok.

The monopoly of Bangkok Airways on flights to Ko Samui has finally been broken with Thai Airways now flying daily from Bangkok to Ko Samui. Tourists wishing to go straight to Ko Samui from their home country can do so with Thai Airways, providing they allow fo for a plane transfer in Bangkok. Still, it means no fooling around collecting and checking in your baggage again.

Unfortunately the new competition hasn’t done anything for prices – if you take a look on Kayak you can see that Thai Airways flights are currently more expensive than Bangkok Airways flights – between $240 and $275! Hopefully this situation will soon change, but it looks like the two airlines have agreed to keep flight prices artificially high.

Samui is continuing to develop ever more opulent hotels to cope with influx of tourists – you can book a wide range of Koh Samui hotels online to suit all budgets, and it’s wise to book ahead as the island gets super busy. Because of the monopoly Bangkok Airways has on Ko Samui Airport, there have been various proposals to build a second airport on the island which advocates say would be more convenient for tourists. However, there are concerns that Samui’s infrastructure would not be able to cope with the much higher number of tourists a second airport would bring.

For now, the only budget option for flying to Koh Samui is taking an AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani. These flights are cheap, but it takes a lot longer to get to the island, as from Surat you need to get a ferry that can take several hours, as well as the transfer to the port.

And the interesting comment from Pete says:

You can get the “Lomprayah” catermaran from Bangkok to Chumpon and then onto Ko Tao/Ko Phan Ngan/Ko Samui for around 1800 Baht pp and is by far the best trade-off between comfort and expense on this long journey. The ferry office can be found behind KhoSan road and leaves Bangkok around 10pm at night arriving at the islands around 10am.