Rubber Sheet step by step @Koh Samui Thailand

At the location of Koh Samui Thailand, The Rubber tree plantations usually are grew in the middle of Koh Samui (Island in Thai called as “Koh”) which are closed to the Mountains. See the Mountain area in dark green below.

These following pictures were captured from the location around Parichari home.

1.Wake up in the middle of the night ^^. The rubber man said that Cooler the weather, more Rubber latex collected.

2.Cut the outer shell to get the Rubber latex droplets. The step is really needed the professional Rubber man.

3.Put the bowl to collect and wait for 4-5 hrs to take the latex to be processed which is depended on the cut length, and available Rubber latex.

4.Mixed with the special chemical substances to make Rubber latex harder like jelly.

5.Wait for 1-2 hours to be suited for calendering.

6.Manually calender in thinner Rubber sheet to be ready for calender machine.

7.Rotate the Calender wheel to make the Rubber sheet smoothest as shown.

8.,last step before selling, make it dry.

*** They said that it will get the higher price, if the texture of Rubber sheet is far smooth.***