[VIDEO] Climbing up!!! DURIAN mountain

As we known that Samui local people grow durian trees on the mountain, Samui people are really hardworking to grow this type of durian on their areas which are usually on mountains for the original taste of Nonthaburi durian and the reasonable price. They drive 4-wheel drive car to carry durians to sell down there around September every year.

Today i have a chance to go up the mountain with durian gardeners who take care of their trees by driving up and down everyday. I feel fun to sit in the car and go up one time now ’cause it is travelling. Anyway, working is far different here.
Near top of the mountain, i can see Lamai beach from here.

Lamai beach from the top of the mount view, Samui, Parichari
Lamai beach from the top of the mount view, Samui

It is really delicious to have fresh durians under its tree and it will be digested everything right after going down there. +_+

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