Vodka Violet Baanmoo Signature

Butterfly-pea-flower Violet Cocktail Nature Local Drinks Thai

In some days around this New Year 2011, I had a party in my small families. It was not purpose to have alcoholic drinks among us, anyway, my Mom prepared the Butterfly-pea-flower sweet drink for us. Suddenly i got an idea to mix “Vilolet Vodka Baanmoo Signature” as following picts.

Violet Vodka Baanmoo Signature Cocktail Thai Drink Nature Local
Thank you the picture from @iPattt
Violet Vodka Baanmoo Signature:
Vodka 1 Oz.
Tonic 3 Oz.
2-3 concentrated Butterfly-pea-flower drops
Garnished with Butterfly-pea-flower.