Nature not yet gone from Samui

Since 4 year ago, it is the first time i visited Samui, i found the new hotels, resorts, IT buildings, hospitals, and bank branches everywhere during their construction. Recently, the 4th openned shopping center was located in Lamai market. I was wondering how i can find the natural, peaceful, and beautiful place here. Then i drove the car following the main street (2 lanes) in Samui. It brought me and my company to the places such as Market, Bazaar, many many hotels. Once, i parked the car to walk a bit to the Lamai beach; i found the crowd of foreiners in the restaurants in front of the beach. It did not even have the place for 2-3 people to sit and lie on the beach just for taking a rest. All the area was occupied by hotel and restaurant owners. In Chaweng beach, it is worse than Lamai because people who were not the hotel customers could not get into the beach. !!!

However, i found the towns called Lipa Noi, Na Mueang, Maret where local people was doing their own business such as rental houses, small groceries, rice & noodle stands in front of their houses. Some of them sold their own fresh fruit & vegetables such as durian, longan, Sa-Tor. Avoiding the crowd of people, it was better to find the places around here to stay for several nights. As well, I could take a deep breath among bushes and trees, talking any funny things with kind people, and listen to the night sound…..Specifically i always love to practice yoga and do meditation, so this natural and relaxation place was perfect…….very awesome. Samui still is the Charming place anyway.