Samui Fact

On the way to Macau trip last 2 year, I red “Fah Thai”, the inflight magazine from Bangkok Airways. The topic which caught my eyes was “Koh Samui” destination. It was not because my Mom was born in Koh Samui, but IT WAS WRITTEN THE FACT BELOW.


Yellow and blue taxis serve the island. Although marked “Meter Taxi”, few drivers will agree to use the meter. Those that do agree then add a fuel surcharge. Fares range from 200 to 400 baht.


Covered red pick-up trucks act as semi-private buses on Samui. Agree a price (from 50 baht upwards) before boarding and make sure the vehical is in “public” mode to avoid paying an exclusive fare.

Eventhough this reflected the tricky ways of Samui people to treat foreiners, it was better that they awared of cautions to make their trip more smooth and fun.

Taking minutes to think about this, some local people learned how to treat other culture people to gain more money for a long time ago. I thought it was happenned before Samui became RED OCEAN. However, they did not try to adapt themselves to the new fluctuated information world.

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