One Stop Service to Koh Samui

One Stop Service:
To Book the Bus from Bangkok to Koh Samui : Ticket

(Operated by or Sombat Tour)

To Book the Home-Stay : Home Voucher

(Please click to see promotion now)

To Book the Rental Car: Car Voucher

(operated by; Please click to read the details before booking.)

For the guests in Bangkok area:
If you book the Home-Stay, we will send the all tickets, and vouchers via EMS without Charge.
If you book only the Bus ticket or Car Voucher, the extra charge is 100 Baht.

For the travellers from other places/countries:
You can notify us the exact date and time your staying at the hotel in Bangkok area. We will provide the messenger delivery to your location and the extra charge is 200 Baht.

The price above is subject to change depend on the time period and operation, please check at Twitter @MoongSamui before travelling.

Other options travelling to Koh Samui.


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